About our company


Today "“KOZ LOADING SOLUTIONS LLC” (KOZ LLC) "is an innovating company with more than 30 years of broad experience in designing, production and supply of equipment for loading and unloading oil and oil products for petroleum depots , warehouses of fuels and lubricants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants , for port terminals, oil and gas companies, gas stations, energy enterprises, as well as for other enterprises of oil and gas industry.

More than 250 of employees, 70 of which are directly involved in design and creation of new products and upgrading of existing. Solid experience in all kinds of design, development and production work allow to find a most convenient way and solution for any task of our customers no matter if it's single device or complete set of equipment.

KOZ L.L.C. it's a wide network of dealers in Russia and countries of C.I.S. as well as abroad.

Our equipment is successfully operates at the enterprises of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. We have qualified service centers for proper maintenance of equipment.

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About the plant

"Kamyshinsky Opytny Zavod" LLC was founded on December 12, 1985 by the Order of the USSR State Oil Supply Committee on a base of pilot production - engineering department SKB "Transnefteavtomatika."

The plant specializes in the production of equipment and means of mechanization and automation for oil refinery complex. The main products produced by the plant are devices for draining and loading of petroleum products into rail and road tankers and river and sea vessels - tankers, as well as automatic loading systems, and systems for loading railway racks.

We have necessary production case for production of the devices:

  • complex of high-performance state-of-the-art equipment of foreign and domestic manufacture.
  • testing benches and special equipment to control manufactured products and perform reliability tests.
  • highly qualified staff, own production and design service.

The plant is constantly working on improving the design of the oil loading equipment, the design and introduction of new devices, automation equipment to them, components of automated process control systems. The company has proved itself to be a reliable and stable partner for major state and private enterprises.

We also deal with design and manufacture of devices by individual orders of the consumers.

Our unique feature is that we are ready to meet all customer preferences when concluding the contract.

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  • Certificates of the Customs Union for the device of lower discharge of oil and oil products from USN tanks

  • TR TS dlya ustroystv tipa UNZH i ASN

  • Certificates of the Customs Union for devices for loading and draining oil and oil products into sea river vessels of the type CP-250

  • The certificate of the Customs Union on the devices for draining oil and oil products from automobile tanks of the UNNA type